Xangati at VMworld 2011

I had a chance to stop by and talk to a few folks at the Xangati booth at VMworld and was particularly interested in their ability to “replay” past events in a ‘DVR’ type fashion for quick analysis of problematic areas. This is done with their Management Dashboards product line (XMD), which has two parts to it:

  • Xangati VI Dashboard – Tracking for both the physical and virtual components that include application insight for performance. This is done with their Health Engine as described here.
  • Xangati VDI Dashboard – This is the tracking mechanism for the virtual desktop infrastructure side of the environment.

The product is deployed as either a physical device or a virtual appliance in OVF format. This XMD virtual appliance uses what they call the Xangati Flow Summarizer (XFS) that pulls information from ESXi and utilizes NetFlow to monitor information on the physical network.

Steve Rodgers was able to give us a quick rundown of their product in this short video:


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