VMworld Fast Approaching

Well, it’s the start of the summer and for me that means getting ready for the big trip to San Francisco to network with my peers at VMworld. This year I am looking forward to spending a lot of time at the bloggers lounge as well as the solutions exchange to find out the latest and greatest on some of the new companies that have started up since the last VMworld. Last year in Vegas, I spent an entire day walking around the solutions exchange talking to some new (and familiar) companies and just love to hear what they are offering and how they can propel the industry forward.

VMware generally has a location on the show floor for new companies and the folks running those booths are always eager to discuss their product(s). I always find very technical people at those booths.

Also at the conference I take some time to go through some of the hands on labs (HOLs) which are second to none in my opinion.

Stop by the bloggers lounge and say hi if you have time – I am always up for a technical discussion!


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