VMworld Day 1 (so far)

I am writing this from the bloggers lounge at VMworld which is right outside the solutions exchange that opens this evening at 5pm. The entire “hang space” is done in a green hedged area that resembles a garden to sit in. Talking with fellow bloggers such as Maish Saidel-Keesng (@maishsk) and Christopher Wells (@wygtya). Great conversations about industry trends and cloud solutions in other sectors.

Last night was spent at the VMunderground warm up reception that never dissapoints thanks to Sean Clark (@vseanclark) and Theron Connery (@Theronconnery). I also ran into a ton of people in the social media circle (seemed like everyone was there). It is looking to be one of the best VMworld’s to date.

I also took a few labs so far, one last night (HoL01) uand one this morning HoL04 (vSphere 5 HA) which has a good review of some of the key features. Here is a cool screenshot of how you can quickly look to make sure that your VM’s are protected.

More to come, stay tuned…

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