VMworld 2016 Keynote

Pat Gelsenger kicked off another VMworld with a keynote that was focused on hybrid cloud computing introducing a cross-cloud architecture called VMware Cloud Foundation. I remember last year having a focus on their on vCloud Air product, but this year it seems that they are seeing that shift in the market that has accelerated dramatically over the last 6-12 months. 

I think a lot of this comes down to automation – more specifically, how IT is delivering its services. It just seems that there are certain subsets of organizations that need services delivered in a different fashion. We also saw a number of companies hit the stage that talked about this challenge.

Nonetheless, I think this was one of the better keynotes I’ve seen in a while and VMware clearly understands where the market is shifting to. They made numerous references to the year 2006 and where they were positioned at that time. Taking into account what they’ve done to date, I think they have that vision down.

There was a slide that showed that they estimate 2021 being the year that we hit 50% of workloads being served out of public clouds. As application delivery changes (and it is rapidly), I can see us hitting that before that year. 


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