VMware Changes vRAM Entitlement Maximums for vSphere 5

In an impressive move today, VMware announced that it will increase the vRAM entitlement for its product line based on feedback from its customer base on their blog site today entitled “Rethink IT” found here. This comes after the July 12th announcement of vSphere 5’s vRAM licensing model and the concerns from existing customers.

Here is what they are doing for the vRAM entitlement per CPU:

vSphere Edition Original Entitlement Cap New Entitlement Cap
vSphere Desktop Unlimited Unlimited
vSphere Hypervisor Free 8GB 32GB
vSphere Essentials 24GB 32GB
vSphere Essentials Plus 24GB 32GB
vSphere Standard 24GB 32GB
vSphere Enterprise 32GB 64GB
vSphere Enterprise Plus 48GB 96GB

As usual, you wil need to obtain a vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus license to get network and storage I/O control as well as distributed virtual switches and the ability to use host profiles. The new vSphere 5 product will also introduce Storage DRS, Auto Deploy and Policy Driven Storage at this level as well.

Per the blog article mentioned here, it appears that VMware wants to stress that the vRAM cap of 96GB per VM will require more than one vSphere Enterprise Plus license in order to virtualize those business critical applications.

As a bonus, the vRAM entitlement will be calculated over a 12 month span for memory (not a cap) use and therefore will continue to be an excellent place for development, test, quality assurance and staging areas for all business lines that will consume this resource for short periods of time.

In my opinion, this is one of the few (large) technology companies that actually listens to their customers and is willing to right-size their product to meet the customers needs. Keep in mind that they didn’t have to do this, but this is one example that puts this company above the rest in terms of customer service.


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