Virtualization Field Day 3 Fast Approaching

Coming up on March 5th through the 7th is the infamous Tech Field Day event – Virtualization Field Day 3!

This event will be held in San Jose, California and will feature a number of great presenters in the virtualization space (as well as storage) which is fast becoming an integral part of the ecosystem (along side of the SDN component).

Atlantis Computing will be there. Their product lines revolve around the VDI space and have solutions for VMware, Citrix and a very unique product known as the ILIO Center that can fully automate deployments. I will be very interested to hear more and hopefully see this product in action during the presentation.

Cloud Physics is scheduled to be there as well to talk about their analytics for datacenter operations. Being a technologist that loves the SaaS/PaaS world as much as the virtualization space, I am looking forward to hearing more about this offering and getting a look at how they analyze the infrastructure. Especially from a vCloud Hybrid Service perspective.

Coho Data, who I just saw at the last Storage Field Day will also be presenting. Their scaling model is fundamentally different from anything else out in the storage market today. The use of software network scaling to meet storage demand is a very unique. More on this as it pertains to virtualization after we meet with them.

Spirent will be presenting as well and I am very interested to hear more about their solutions in the virtualization space. As a result of some quick research, they have a number of solutions that revolve around performance testing with something they call PASS – Performance, Availability, Security & Scale. Look for a write-up about this company shortly after the event!

VMTurbo will most likely show their Hybrid Cloud Control Module that has connectors to AWS & Azure. I will be especially interested in the automation solutions that this product delivers when it comes to private clouds. I also saw that their products are UCS ready which is something I will be sure to have them elaborate on.

The website for this event and live video stream is here and the hashtag on Twitter will be #VFD3 – Add your twitter column now!


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