Virtualization Field Day 2 – Symantec Visit

We had two main presenters for this session. George Winter, a Technical Product Manager in the Information Management Group at Symantec in Mountain View, CA and Gareth Fraser-King was also there who is in the Global Technical Field Enablement division in the the United Kingdom.

Both speakers and had a deep understanding of the product lines they referred to and here are some of the highlights on the opening remarks:

  • They have been a partner with VMware for nearly 12 years
  • V-Ray Technologies “best describes the product lines”
  • Visibility into virtual machines and applications
  • Transparent backup and recovery across physical and virtual machines
  • Third generation with granular recovery
  • An entry point into the cloud

Problems that they are solving:

  • Machine restores are placed back on to the original location or alternate location, just like any other restore software.
  • “Design Criteria” – NetBackup Ecosystem? They talked about backing up various OS’s to allow a seamless backup environment.
  • Replication Director coming out in 7.5 as well as vAPP integration with vSphere and vCD.
  • Backup Data Path with the SCSI LUN locking potential if backups consume the pipe and lock the LUN

They showed a few slides on host utilization during a backup and the difference when the products are used, but I was interested to see the memory load on the ESX host in a stateless compute environment.

They said that their Benchmark results – -has only been limited by hardware.

VIP – VMware Intelligent Policy – VMware Protection on Autopilot

  • Alternate method of backing up new and moved vm’s
  • Designed for dynamic environment – vMo, DRS, sDRS, etc
  • Query engine can be taylored to protect VMware environments

VIP will balance the load of backups over the storage path (FC or File Based) – as well as VMware attributes: Folder, resource pool or vApp. I asked the question on backup windows since they are throttling the streams our of each ESX server and how they combat that. They said that they are reliant on aggressive DRS policy setup at the cluster level.

They also had a 1/3 rack in the room to show off the NetBackup appliance. This was the Symantec NetBackup 5220:

I found this link for the product on the web:

Shortly after the noon hour, they talked about the NetBackup Accelerator in NetBackup 7.5

This is a client based backup product that does change block tracking within the OS on the VMware environment. It also provides a single file restore through a catalog that is created on a per vm basis. They say that this is fundamentally different that other solutions that require a full restore and then the file list located. There is a “proprietary technology” (agent type) to do this and must be installed within the OS. Tape restore is done the same way and selected data is pulled from tape in the same fashion.

How is this agent managed? This is usually done through their management utility, but can be done through other facets such as SCCM, etc .

All in all, this was a great meeting / presentation from George Winter and Gareth Fraser-King and a great session to kick off Virtualization Field Day 2!




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