Speeding Up VMware Converter 5

Back in June of last year I did a preview post on VMware Converter 5 describing some of the great features of this product. Well, now that it has been out there a while I thought that this would be a good time to talk about a significant change to how the conversion process can be accelerated by simply turning off the default method of transport. As a catch-all, they have the converter using SSL so that if a P2V (or V2V for that matter) is done across an unsecured connection, the data is protected. The  product has a great sector based copying process during the cloning operation and conversion speed, but I have found this tweak to help speed the process up considerably within your network.

Please note that this change should only be done if you are performing your P2V processes within your private or corporate network, whether it be on the ethernet segment in your LAN or across your private MPLS WAN. I do not recommend turning this off if you are P2Ving a machine across the internet or unsecure line for whatever reason. 

Changing the VMware Converter Client

First off, locate this file in your installation directory which is generally at c:\program files\VMware\VMware Converter Standalone

Next, open it up in your favorite XML editor (notepad for me) and make a change to this highlighted entry:

Make the entry “false”:

You will want to save this back as an XML file so make sure that you change the settings in notepad when you save it.

That’s it! Why there is no “tick box” for turning this off is beyond me, but this will speed up your conversion times. Some of my testing has shown a 6x reduction in P2V times.


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