Change is in the Air

As the old saying goes, nothing stays the same. As for me, another page will soon be turning in my professional career. I’ve decided to move on from my current role to pursue another opportunity that has come my way.

The IT landscape is changing fast and new skill sets are being formed rapidly. I’ve always told myself that you need to constantly be raising the bar on your technical knowledge to stay ahead of curve and deliver solid solutions for your organization. With this new role I will have the ability to do this and develop in several new areas.

Staying on the customer side allows me to continue my VMUG leadership in Minneapolis and Rochester Minnesota. I really enjoy running these two user groups since I am very passionate about VMware technology and firmly believe that they are moving the software defined datacenter in the right direction.

I’ve been doing virtualization work now for about 10 years and the innovation that VMware is doing is just remarkable. Just when you think that they are going to rest on their laurels, they start breaking down the walls again to move companies forward in new and exciting directions.

I am really looking forward to working at the new location and will be announcing it late next week….


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