VMware vExpert 2014 Award

The vExpert program is for those individuals that go above an beyond their daily jobs to help the community by making contributions in several key areas. These include being an evangelist, customer contributions or through the VMware Partner Network.

The one area that many fall under is the evangelist path that includes many bloggers that spend countless hours posting content to help others with real world scenarios and product reviews. Public speakers and authors fall under this category as well that deliver excellent content for a variety of VMware products.

You can’t forget about the customer category that encompasses many admins, engineers and infrastructure people that are champions internally and drive their respective companies forward with VMware products. I really enjoy heard success stories from many of these folks.

Then there is the partner path, which include many VAR’s throughout the world that are out in the field day after day implementing, supporting and being an external resource to many organizations. I see many of them doing speaking engagements and providing support that goes well above their job duties to enhance the community.

I salute all of the vExperts year after year for their significant contributions and dedicated work.

I am extremely honored to be elected into the program for a third year as I try to give as much back to the community as what I have received.

Congratulations to all that made the program this year!


Platform as a Service will change the IT Landscape

There are more and more signs that “as-a-service” offerings will be the
“norm” in the next few years, and there is a fundamental shift taking place on the software development front that is embracing this delivery model and it picking up some major weight behind it.

There are two major players in the Platform as a Service arena to date:

1. Cloudfoundry, the company that was spun out of VMware to form a new company name (under the EMC umbrella) called Pivotal that is headed by none other than Paul Maritz who was the CEO of VMware. I have been following this product very closely over the last few years and with the recent backing of GE and now IBM, this platform is poised to be a major player.

2. Red Hat has OpenShift which has a very good product suite defined. They have it broke down into three possible ways to consume platform as a service. The first being their own hosted solution called “online”, second being the “enterprise” version for on premise PaaS deployments and third being the “Origin” model that is open source.

It’s hard to say that this is something new. A few years ago I remember reading an interesting article (can’t recall the location of it), but it that stated that thousands of developers attended a PaaS seminar in Asia. Keep in mind that this was at least 2 years ago! The thought of removing the infrastructure layer away from the application development lifecycle is a huge change and something that will not happen overnight, but nonetheless – it will happen.

If you look at this from a developer’s standpoint, they will consume this much more rapidly and with very few road blocks. When they push code to the PaaS from their IDE, there is no need to compile that code. The platform does the work for them. Think about it. The delivery model is real-time, which makes this software as a service delivery system far more efficient and easier to maintain.

This is not to say that Infrastructure isn’t needed – quite the opposite. Automation is the key component to PaaS and therefore it is closely tied to a virtualized, dynamic environment that will need to scale at a moment’s notice. With all the gears, nodes, cloud controllers, routers, stagers, etc, the IaaS will need to be extremely elastic with the heavy demand for resources these components will need.


vExpert 2013

I just found out today that I was awarded the prestigious vExpert award! I am honored once again to be recognized by VMware as an expert in the virtualization community and will continue to provide a service to the community that I have become so attached to over the last 9 years. I’ve been in this field since the early 90’s and I must say that the VMware community is the best one out there, hands-down! Never before have I seen such a plethora of expertise that is offered by so many great minds in the community. Maybe it is due to social media facets such as Twitter that has escalated the popularity of this technology, but you cannot deny that it is the most disruptive and innovative technology to date.

I am looking forward to another year of advancement and social interactions with everyone!