VMware Converter 5 Preview

I was listening to the VMware Communities Podcast the other week (6/8/11) and there was some discussion around the new features that the new VMware converter has to offer and thought it would make for a good blog post to discuss some of the new enhancements since there is a publicly available document out on the communities site now (posted June 3, 2011) and is a public beta release.

One of the most anticipated features that this version will bring is the ability to align volume based disks as they are imported to vSphere. This option will be on by default and is set to 1MB disk boundary for Windows based operating systems and will also default to 64KB for Linux OS’s. Don’t worry, you can adjust based on your storage array parameters. For those machines that have already been imported and are sitting in a mis-aligned fashion, a quick V2V might be in order to bring them in line (to coin a phase).

Another great new feature is that the data is now encrypted from source to server during the conversion process. This is great for those cross-segment P2V’s that take place over a WAN or through/to DMZ’s.

Additionally, for those Linux migrations – this version of converter now has the ability to preserve the logical volume manager (LVM) which has been lost in prior P2V’s.

As this product moves from public beta to full release, I will be sure to follow up on this post to see if anything has changed or been added.