Asigra Presentation at Tech Field Day VMworld 2013

Asigra is a company that has been around the block, they have been doing backups since 1986 and they have a long history in the IT industry with stable products. What I found interesting about the company is that they don’t present themselves as a well established organization or a business that has been doing this for that long. You generally see companies go stagnate with their marketing and if it wasn’t stated, I would think that they just launched a few years ago with the energy level they have towards this product.

Their stance on backup licensing cost is that it is becoming an unsustainable model due to the sheer amount of data that needs to be retained. They focus on the spend that revolves around restoring that data. Customers can use what they call “DR Drills” that are offered at a low cost and are priced at $.07/GB that can also be scheduled for validity tests.

Asigra’s main goal here is that they are trying to be fair to the customer in a way that prevents them from paying for services that are not used or delivered. I think that this is a very unique model when it comes to backups in general and from someone that has been implementing and administering backup solutions for many years, I have not seen this type of model from any other recovery products.

They are also branching out into mobile applications by providing the ability to tap into Google apps and offering data recovery options through a separate GUI that allows for granular control of file recovery.

Nobody likes to deal with backups. In my opinion, Asigra’s agentless model and restore cost model is geared correctly for these ever expanding environments.



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