VMworld 2014 Day 1 Review

Great keynote this morning that “officially” kicked things off at VMworld. Pat Gelsinger took stage to announce some of the changes (many which were name changes) and I think it was well received by the mainstream media as well at the attendees there. If you haven’t had the chance to see it, there are videos posted here. (you just need to register to view them).

The information revealed this morning reiterates that VMware is covering all bases when it comes to product delivery. Their core strategic priorities that continue on are the Software Defined Data Center, Hybrid Cloud and End-User Computing.

The renaming of vCHS (vCloud Hybrid Service) to vCloud Air – that is under a new umbrella product name called the vRealize suite that basically encompasses the automation products that manages an off-premise hybrid cloud environment, shows that they are re-branding these flagship products to be very competitive to alternatives that are out there.

I thought the quote by Alan Kay of the Xerox PARC research facility hit the nail right on the head – “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.  My dad, who worked at Xerox for 35+ years always said that they were such an innovative company and I see a lot of similarities in VMware today.

Power of the &

Fluid, Instant and Choice

I also think that the analogy of “and” vs. “or” was a key section of the keynote. Gelsinger said that they are in a unique position to be the “&” across the divides that exist today.

Product Announcements

  • VMware vCloud Suite 5.8
  • vSphere 6.0 Beta
  • VVOLs and VSAN 2.0 Beta
  • VMware vRealize Suite – Single offerings

New Family of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure – VMware EVO

  • Single Integrated Solution
  • Build and Deploy SDDC quickly
  • Bundling of hardware

Family of Products

  • EVO:RAIL – Simple, fast, price predictability, one call support, 100 vm’s
  • EVO:RACK – Data Center Scale, less than 2 hr deployment time

One final note that I thought made big splash was the “Destination Give Back”. This is what makes VMware a great company in my opinion. They are going to allow the attendees to fly paper airplanes from Monday through Wednesday and measure the distance of each one – donating money to the VMware Foundation that can total up to $250,000. Wow, what a great program.

More posts to follow as the conference progresses.