vExpert Title Holder

The other weekend I became aware of the fact that I was named a vExpert from VMware! I am very honored to be part of this program and congratulate all of my colleagues that have been accepted into the program. Looking back at the last two years that I have been blogging, I had a mission in mind to start documenting my thoughts, lab results and product reviews so that I could have an online repository (if you will) to constantly refer back to and to also share with the community.

Looking at the vExpert 2012 title holder list, I see a lot of familiar names and many that I have yet to meet. The great thing about the VMware community is the dedication that each and every member has to share technical knowledge with the masses that are supporting a vast array of infrastructures out there. I can’t think of a better community to belong to!

I must also say that I absolutely enjoy writing blog articles and being active in the social media virtualization space as well as being an advocate for the technology.