VMworld Day 2 – Twitter Hashtag Info

Day 2 of VMworld is going strong and there is an absolute ton of content being delivered both on the solutions exchange floor, the breakout sessions and in the hands on labs (#HoL). To keep up with the twitter hashtags, here are few that you can follow to receive up to the minute news (I realize that many have been using this for a while, but for those that don’t know):

  • #VMworld or #VMworld2011 – This is the general hashtag to receive general news
  • #View – VMware View updates
  • #HoL – This hashtag is being used for the Hands on Labs (mainly regarding line status)
  • #EMC #NetAPP #Broadcom #HP #ciscovmw – Vendor Specific Information
  • #CloudTalk – General Information regarding the cloud 🙂
  • #Cfoundry – Cloud Foundry Updates
  • #SocialMedia – I’ve seen a few twitter users leveraging this hash-tag to blast out some VMworld related information.
  • #Virtualization – Again, not used for VMworld specific information, but I’ve noticed that it is used in conjunction with VMworld Info.
  • #EnterpriseDB – Information regarding VMware’s Postgres proprietary database.
This is not an “All Inclusive List”, but hope the it helps you organize your Twitter feeds for maximum VMworld coverage by those in the social media realm.

VMworld Day 1 (so far)

I am writing this from the bloggers lounge at VMworld which is right outside the solutions exchange that opens this evening at 5pm. The entire “hang space” is done in a green hedged area that resembles a garden to sit in. Talking with fellow bloggers such as Maish Saidel-Keesng (@maishsk) and Christopher Wells (@wygtya). Great conversations about industry trends and cloud solutions in other sectors.

Last night was spent at the VMunderground warm up reception that never dissapoints thanks to Sean Clark (@vseanclark) and Theron Connery (@Theronconnery). I also ran into a ton of people in the social media circle (seemed like everyone was there). It is looking to be one of the best VMworld’s to date.

I also took a few labs so far, one last night (HoL01) uand one this morning HoL04 (vSphere 5 HA) which has a good review of some of the key features. Here is a cool screenshot of how you can quickly look to make sure that your VM’s are protected.

More to come, stay tuned…